Plugin support was added in v2.0.

Writing plugins

PyPOM uses pluggy to enable support for plugins. In order to write a plugin you can create an installable Python package with a specific entry point. For example, the following (incomplete) will register a plugin named screenshot:

from setuptools import setup

      description='plugin for PyPOM that takes a lot of screenshots',
      entry_points={'pypom.plugin': ['screenshot = pypom_screenshot.plugin']})

Then, in your package implement one or more of the plugin Hooks provided by PyPOM. The following example will take a screenshot whenever a page or region has finished loading:

from pypom import hookimpl

def pypom_after_wait_for_page_to_load(page):
    page.selenium.get_screenshot_as_file(page.__class__.__name__ + '.png')

def pypom_after_wait_for_region_to_load(region):
    region.root.screenshot(region.__class__.__name__ + '.png')